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having brothers & sisters

I speak from personal experience as I have a brother, Manas, who is only two years younger than me and a lot of cousins, and my mother has 3 sisters and a brother.

Tired, I come home from class, run to my room and lay on my bed as my eyes and brain cease to close. Exactly when I'm about to feel relaxed, my brother walks in the room, yells in my ears, switches off all lights, smacks me with a pillow, leaves the door open, for no reason at all, and continues with his normal routine like this is a part of it.

I can't cook, I mean I can do Maggie… and as fate has it, manas is great at cooking, be it simple nimbu sharbat or chicken tikkas. Every time he makes refreshingly zesty Mojitos or ice creams swirled Oreo shake, I have to beg for him to make one for me.

Obviously, I am his sous-chef.

who not only follows all his orders but also has to help him complete his project before even thinking of having one sip.

We expect him to take my directions, older right?!

I WISH. (Also because its only 2 years difference, it feels like we are really the same age)

Sometimes, we fight because we want to or we are just bored.

I mean calling him names, embarrassing him in front of his friends, or making fun of how much of a crybaby he is never goes wrong.. can it?

but I also know he will be there for me.

& I for me.

regardless of how busy or angry I am time. we share similar backgrounds and go through almost the same situations at some point in our lives.

he compliments me & I him.

sure, he annoys the hell out of me but when I am upset he'll be the one to cheer me.

Also very important, I will always be the smarter, taller, funnier, and more amazing than you, kiddo.

My cousins and I are very close, especially my two younger sisters.

You know how there is a family feud and you want to know all the tea- yeah this is the most fun part of our relation hehehe…but honestly, it’s a gift.

How effortless it is to share, knowing you won't be judged, knowing that they will get what you're saying.

And Of course, have company when you want to go to Manali or have someone with you to binge-watch fabulous Lives with Bollywood wives :)) (in my defense, we ran out of options and wanted to really watch something dumb and entertaining)

So wish your siblings and cousins today!

even your friends who are more than family, who stay by your side, and laugh and cry with you.

if you read till here, thank you!


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